The Mega Sad

Oh lordy drama drama drama. Here the Mega Sad is again and you gonna have to write stuff that makes yours and everyone’s mums capital Worried about your mental health even though this about the healthiest thing you can do for it.


The Mega Sad is huge and it dwarfs you, but somehow you can do ok in its shadow. You still have fun, you still have friends, still got love. Still makin shit, and even though it’s sad shit, sad shit can be good too. And it doesn’t mean that your life is bad, or that you need to be consoled or helped. And it definitely don’t mean I need to see a doctor. It just means you gotta use the sad too, that it’s the cloth you gotta cut today.


There’s no shortage of sad people to write to, plenty of people on their last legs who don’t have to mope on their lonesome.


I ain’t know why I’m makin excuses just to pour my heart out on the internet.


Here is the thing I wrote today.


I ain’t that sad, mum’s don’t stress.



White Knuckles


This is not the end


Though tall waves crash


At our thinning shores


Though our fields burn


And red sparks fall like rain in summer


Though people die


And die






Though this anger


Has replaced all hope


Though everything we’ve built




And falls


And eyes above




Us from their vision


Though nothing


Will be left




We will wash up


On far off shores


With fresh hearts


And tear stung eyes


We will gasp for breath and


Taste clean air once more


And though


I can’t believe it


As I say it


It has to be true


It has to




What else is there


To hold onto?

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