I started this blog when I lost my shit, dropped out of university and got on the disability pension for society doing my nerves up wretched.

I decided to spend most of my days drinking coffees and smoking cigarettes and thinking.

These are my stories..

Some of them I wrote to make me feel better.

Some of them I made myself feel better to write.

Some of them are my dreams.

Some of them are my nightmares.

Some of them I wrote because I am a grown man and I still think about spaceships.

If you read it in chronological order you will probably know more about me than I do.

If I read it in reverse chronological order I get panic attacks.

I intend to make money

Sometime in the future

Contact me at samuel.s.maguire@gmail.com if you want to ask me questions or want me to write something or want to talk to someone with no fiscal advantage over you.

Also I might secretly be psychic, a wizard, possessed by demons.

Tell anyone it is about time.

One thought on “About

  1. Jes says:

    completely relate. this is hilarious.

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