Now the Hard Part

I been gettin Disheartened lately. There dang be a great pile o’ shit in the world to clean up, and sittin on the internet lookin at it instead of doing like fuckin anything sure aint helping. Thing is, I can’t claim to be on the right side. The sides don’t exist. The lines on the map and the graphs showing which way our politics point at are all just pretty pictures we drew because humans are lost and scared little idiots lookin for something to cling to to make them feel like the good guy.

I gotta believe that at our core we all are good. I gotta believe that humans get scared, lose their way and themselves. I have to believe this is not going to work if some people get crushed for some to get their heads above the filth. I have to believe this because an evil person is not something I can understand. I can understand getting lost, going so far down a hole that you can’t see the way out. I can’t understand evil, and it scares the shit out of me.

What comes next is going to be fucking hard. We are going to have to take our insides out, spread them on the floor and see what is ours and what is killing us. There is no escaping this. Left and right, right and wrong we have to go through ourselves piece by piece and figure out what is wrong with us. Because we are still us, we all share humanity, regardless of our hate, regardless of our distance, and its never going to work if anyone gets left behind.




How did we get hurt so bad


We are blown apart


Our guts are on the floor


Our hearts are torn


And we cling to our fear


As it shreds us


We drown


With those we hold under


And we have fallen


With those we have pushed over the edge


We have left the windows open for the dark


We have let the cold in



Pick up your body parts


Do not be afraid to scream


For you are needed


Every last piece


Forget what was lost


And do not scramble for what is left


Man is more than this


Our souls are needed now


A nightmare


Can become a dream


And we can wake from this hell


Whole again

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