Human Soup

The world done full of some messed shit at the moment.


We got fascist governments killing pedestrians with machine guns just for bein angry.


We got teenagers who are bad at having sex killing kids with machine guns because they are angry.


Machine guns are used in a variety of places for very negative reasons.


I for one am starting to think machine guns were a bad idea in the first place.


If you reverse the words machine gun you get organ sword.


And if angry teenagers who are bad at having sex be nice to ladies instead of swearing on the internet they have a much higher chance of using their organ swords for good and bam that’s at least part of the problem fixed.


Many if not more problems can be fixed if you do the opposite of swearing on the internet or using machine guns for any purpose.


Our government is running detention camps for people who use boats to run away from machine guns.


I don’t know how to unpack that.


Like regardless of the last half of that sentence detention has worked exactly never.


I never once saw a kid who went to detention suddenly turn into a real good rule-abiding student and become school captain.


And running away from machine guns seems like the right thing to do anyway.


If I am getting shot at by machine guns the last thing I’m gonna think about doing is buying a plane ticket and filling out a visa application.


I’m going to run away from the fucking machine gun.


My border protection policy would be let them fucking come we did it for all the white people.


I do not like the border force at all they are mall cop Nazis.


I had a point and I strayed, like Australia had a point, which was be a friendly beach country who didn’t care what hat you wore.


What I’m trying to say is that there is so much messed up shit going on around in real life.


So stop feeding people through wood chippers on my television shows.


I have spent all my life avoiding watching people get fed through wood chippers.


Or having their heads explode.


Or like their necks broken so they hang in a weird way.


At no point in my life have I watched a movie and said “I would have liked it better if I had seen some guy get blended.”


Did all the guys who got detention for showing other nervous kids videos of people suiciding on 4chan grow up to become the movie directors?


Who the fuck finds that funny?


You know what if find funny?




Or dogs making funny noises on the internet.


Not human soup.


Did I go soft in my old age(28/9M)?


Is it because I have genuine human connection now and all I can picture is people I like and trust going into my café bender with some chump’s mango smoothie?


Was it always like this? Did I just artfully dodge all the messed shit in my childhood with my thankfully overprotective parents?


Or do we just have the technology now to actually show every one of people’s insides instead of just off screen blood splatters?


I just don’t think it’s a good use of our developments in cgi.


In saying that I once pulled a dwarf’s head off in dungeons and dragons and I used to regularly pushed people down stairs in GTA 4.


I guess humans are just complicated creatures.


And each one of us has their own reasons


As to why


We shouldn’t have machine guns.

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