(Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Sundays

Part of being a bipolar human means that sometimes it will be a Sunday afternoon and things will have been Going Wrong for a while now and you hate yourself and you’ve forgotten your friends and it’s always gonna be this way forever. There is a knot in your chest and it rises and you know something’s gotta change soon or there is a storm of fire coming or Judgement.

Part of being a writer means sometimes all that comes outta your writing whole is shitty heartfelt poetry because deep down we all saps no matter how many adverbs you edit out or how many ex-wives you give your character.


Flux Capacitor


And if I don’t return

If I’m different, if I learn

Then I just want you to know

That I did, I loved you so


If it’s time for me to range

Out of earshot, if I change

Know that I still call your name

Even though I’m not the same


If I have to move

If I’m gone, just let me prove

I can get the things I lack

That I can make it back


And if I forget

The steps that brought me here


Let me regret

That I don’t have you near


If you slip away

And I don’t shed a tear


Let me remember the day

And the name that I held dear

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