Hard Season

Summer is a hard time when you have a wrong brain. Conversations get heated at 45 degrees. Sleep comes in fits and spurts and long vivid nightmares that leave your head and bed sheets swimming in scare-reek. The sun burns holes in your vision and then worms crawl out of the holes and you have a bad time. The only relief is the biblical storms that wash the land clean of filthy rage and poorly parked cars. If I had any sense I would cut my damn hair and wouldn’t have to deal with it but whoop here it is already and shutup I love my hair.


Notes to self next summer:


Do not even look at a human before 10am.


Do not watch tv you will be angry.


Do not go to a shopping centre you will be angry.


Do not walk too fast down a footpath; you will get stuck behind a couple and have to follow them at an uncomfortable distance until there are no obstacles stopping you from overtaking and you will be angry.


Do not ever try and have a girlfriend right now.


Do not be angry at your friends there is no reason like why.


You are not any kind of chosen one and you are barely smarter than most people.


Demonic possession is not a real thing and even if it was I am pretty sure it wouldn’t happen regularly unless you had done something wrong.


Do not feel like an alien for staying out of things and not going to parties. You are not an alien you are just hot.


Do not worry if other people are worried; that is a very normal thing for a human to be.


Politics has always been bad.


Come up with exactly one new life direction/moral crusade/big idea per day. Medication will forget it for you.


When times get tough the tough wear shorts, drink cold drinks and sit in the air-conditioning.


Spend some time in a forest and do not leave cigarette butts there.


You will probably not write anything for a good month or two but that is ok that does not mean your career/life/the world/all hope at any chance of joy ever again has ended. You should probably just sleep a lot instead.


Chill out; your subconscious has got you until the weather cools down and you stop being a gibbering sweat-beast with a hard-on for throwing things that are won’t break or make enough noise for people to ask you questions.

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