Things don’t seem the same.

Sunday afternoons feel like the last day without fail.

Monday is a new world that has always been.


Tomorrow I will be new again.

I will not know the difference.

Here for sixteen hours and then someone else.


You can change things with your mind.

History, destiny, reposition the universe in relation to you.

It sounds crazy because I am crazy, but listen.


I kind of knew from the onset it would get this way.

That I would have to react in kind.

That the world would get thinner, stretch out,




I would change things.

See with my eyes not my mind.

Stop the walls moving.


I would change things.

Speak with my mouth not my eyes.

Hear more than just music.


I could change things.

A new set of chemicals and things will be different.

Not heal but change.


Things will change.

My happiness depends on more than the season.

I can control it when things


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