Idiot Box

I think I am going to smash my television. I did not pay any money for it so I guess that is why I think it would be an ok thing to do. My housemates are on their eleventh and seventh play-through of Diablo and the entire box set of Friends respectively. The tv is a constant. I open my bedroom door each morning and it faces me, a vortex, ready to drain my time and attention, challenging me to sit down and see if I can resist its enervation.

The idea of entertainment leaves me with a sick taste in my mouth. It is occupying the brain with no other purpose, leaving it stagnant and lazy. I am a man of many thoughts and I like to catch them, analyse them, steer them. The television is the slow heat death of my universe. It is white noise that makes me fade into the couch, a null person. I think therefore I am and when the tv is on I am nothing.

I despise that machine, with its frame rate that is faster than the human eye for no reason, impossibly skinny because skinny is in. It dominates the room even when idle; its silence presses in on me, begging for my attention, for precious hours of my lifespan. It is designed to kill my time. Leave me silent. Turn me into a freeze frame image, only stirring to snicker at jokes I have heard every day since the start of my life.

I long for a life devoid of entertainment. Where thoughts are acted upon and I am involved in conversations instead of observing them. A life where punchlines evolve and each day brings a new set of actions to go through. Plus Lord of the Rings and Skyrim are so much better than Friends and Diablo. They have elves and mountains and shit and way better soundtracks. I want my turn guys other people’s shit sucks.

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