My Writing Process Blog Tour

So I was asked to do this thing by

It is a thing other writers have done. I answer four questions about my writing process and then nominate another blogger to do it.

I do not have anyone to nominate yet but I will and then I will update this. If you would like to volunteer please do so in the comments section.

It will save me having to hook up my phone to my shitty laptop as a USB tether and then going over my download limit again. I have never not gone over my download limit but maybe one day.

Plus it is a fun thing to do.

Here are the questions.


What are you working on, right now?

I am just doing short stories at the moment, in the hope of getting enough together to put together a manuscript. I would like to try and win a prize with it but I am not going to get an ego. I have finished the first draft of the feature story Following the Light and I have a wealth of other short stories to go in. I am going to write some stories with a bit more meat in them and then try to fit them together. It is an exciting process, each story is kind of a door to another world for me. Not quite as good as an aeroplane but then again I don’t quite have the income of a pilot.


How does your work differ from that of other writers in your genre?

I am not sure if I really have a genre. But that may be because I dropped out of university. I guess I try not to think about how different my writing is. I just write me, what feels right. No-one else writes about me so I guess that’s what makes it different. That seems like a really bad answer. I have a strange perspective of things. My brain works in symbols and rituals, and I try and bring that to my writing. I write about weird things and situations because that is what life is like for me. Just a bunch of weird things that I struggle to understand.


Why do you write what you do?

Each piece I do for different reasons. It can range from me thinking I have the meaning of life figured out to just wanting people to say nice things about it on the internet so I have enough self esteem to make it through the day. I write to solve all of my problems. I kind of just work everything out on a page and at the end I have a story. If I don’t write I get terribly depressed. If I do write I get stupidly anxious. I guess the reason why I write a piece really boils down to having something to show for the unhealthy amount of thinking I do.


How does your writing process work?

It is all hoodoo. The process changes every time I write a story. Here are some things I do to try and write:

– Walking. A stupid amount of walking. I seem to write better if my legs are moving, even if it is just pacing around the house. I will pace for maybe five minutes then write a few sentences then repeat. If I am really stuck I will walk around my neighbourhood for an hour or more. It is good for the brain and keeps me worryingly skinny.

– Weird things. I like to push my brain to weird places. Follow any line of thought to its extreme. Sometimes I will talk to objects, or meditate until I see things. I don’t really know how it works, but I understand it is part of the process. I guess I just have to push my brain to see how far it will go. I wouldn’t recommend this mental health-wise but it seems to work for me.

– Stupid things. Sometimes I get blocked up. I will fall down a hole of thinking and can’t dig myself out. To fix this I usually need to do something I know is not good. Like drink a whole bottle of vodka or tell a girl straight up that I like them. Stories come from stupid actions that have consequences, and if I don’t have stupid actions to define what is going on in my life then I don’t have material.


I know I am probably not doing this right by not nominating a person straight up. I will add it to the list of things I done wrong.

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