The kindergarten of getting the shit kicked out of you.

I have been doing a lot of learning lately. Most of it has not been useful. I drank away a good portion of it. The rest makes sense but does not help a lot. Kind of like everyone’s education I assume. There are probably better teachers out there but unless they come to my house I will not be able to learn from them. The internet is expensive. Here are some things I tell myself because one day I might finally listen.


Life lessons:




shave again it has been a week you damn animal


do not leave the mustache




three times a day dude two pieces of toast will not keep you alive




maybe cut down on the exercise until you eat again


do not walk 20 kilometres home because you are too embarrassed to ask for a lift


that is not exercise that is stupid




write well


I said well dammit


play videogames


it is alright they are good for you


better than cigarettes


stop smoking


shit no wait smoke something


stop drinking


in the morning


you do not need that much coffee


if you are not doing anything




about half the amount that you do


take pills


that doctors tell you to




dungeons and dragons only counts if you make money from it


you do not






good books


there is such thing


clean your room




stop messing up your room




stop staring at the roof


there is nothing up there


people are worried




not to me there are plenty of other people


yes they get your jokes




it will keep you humble


because you are not very good


maybe stop being too humble but


people are worried




not everyone idiot


do not call yourself names


wait maybe you are supposed to


ask someone if that is normal




not that much


maybe a little more


almost got it




shit this is like trying to do heart surgery with a sledgehammer


be brave


not angry it is not the same thing




like you are not in a horror movie


say something lord of the ringsy


you will feel better


the road is long yet and when you reach the end the people you find will wish you were there all along


nailed it


you are going to be fine slugger

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