Quit Rage Pt 1: Religion

I am quitting smoking and preparing for several days of pure rage and shivers. So get ready for a series of shitty blog posts where I shake my fist at society and how fucking stupid it is. I gotta hulk out before I sulk out. Don’t pout you’re doing GR8!!!!!

Religion = Stupid

I refuse to put the word god in capital letters.

If god hates homosexuals why does he create so many homosexuals?

How come nobody follows the Ancient Greek or Egyptian religions anymore? That would at least make religion Interesting.

The bible is not even convincing I do not even know what the fuck is going on with these people.

I have not read the quran but it is probably just as stupid as the bible.

Buddhists worship a fat guy.

If you need religion to stop you from killing or raping people then you should probably be in Jail.

Jesus was not white.

There should be stickers on bibles saying “Just a theory”.

Being spiritual is also stupid. There are no such things as psychics or ghosts or faeries or whatever it is you believe in.

Aliens are cooler than gods hands down.

Relgion should be 18+ like smoking, drinking, tattoos and every other stupid thing you can do.

We should just man up as a species and admit we don’t having a fucking clue what happens after we die.

If you think about it even medium hard telling a kid he is going to be tortured forever unless he follows exactly your religion is a really fucked up thing to do.

Blaming atheists for earthquakes/fires/floods makes you look like an idiot.

When was the last time a group of atheists waged war on another group of atheists because they had different atheist beliefs?


Alright I am done. If I have offended you then you are probably religious so I don’t care. Just remember that I am having hell of withdrawals and will probably regret this. Fuck along now.




2 thoughts on “Quit Rage Pt 1: Religion

  1. Daniel says:

    *slow claps*

  2. SamsSexAholic says:

    God? I hardly new her… lol

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