What to do when the romance is gone.

Sometimes your muse just kicks the fucking bucket and you get blue writer’s balls. This is me. I am the one with no word-love at the moment. A lot of factors cause this. For me it is no money, shitty weather and a pinch of not giving a fuck. For the major part, though, it is because I seem to be doing well. Instead of a necessity for change driving my writing, being content has bred apathy. So now there is only one solution. One dark path.

I have to get real down on myself.

I am a real dick sometimes.

I like to drink whiskey neat because it makes me feel like I have a bigger penis.

I do not have as big of an alcohol problem as I would like.

Sometimes I like posts on facebook without reading them.

I constantly look up words on the internet to make sure I am not making them up.

Sometimes I do not listen to people while they are talking to me because I am thinking about mountains.

I do not understand how music is made.

I do not wear sunglasses not because I think they’re lame but because I do not know how to buy cool ones.

I like to pretend I am bad at sport because I was bullied in primary school.

I am bad at sport.

I am a terrible dancer.

I am a terrible cook.

I do not kill animals because I think that an evil one will come back and kill me later.

I am afraid of ghosts.

There is a cupboard in my house that I will not open. Ever.

Aaaand self loathing has kicked back in again. I will be back in form as soon as I get rogered on vodka and write some terrible poetry. My next post will be me getting dangerously drunk and posting up poetry. I am as serious as a heart attack. Stay with me people.

3 thoughts on “What to do when the romance is gone.

  1. Nathan says:


  2. skydekkerix says:

    You bastard

  3. SamsSexAholic says:

    i love your body….. wanna party?

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