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I can’t be bothered writing a post today cos I have dudes over and this don’t matter. So instead enjoy… WEREWOLF TEARS BLOOD

Werewolf Tears: Blood.

Chapter 1

The Werewolves sat on the crest of the small hill, hugely, above the tiny village filled with puny mortals. They were not welcome there. They were children of the night and the moon. Even then, Full Luna was ejaculating sweet and soothing moonlight onto their furred skins, which were tough like tanks, but also soft like a hand.

In the distance, on the other side of the village and over the mountains, they heard a wolf howl in the mountains. They felt its lonely pain, because they spoke wolf. They were werewolves because.

Blackfang Bloodmane, turned to the other Werewolves. He was the leader and also a [WEREWOLF]. The others feared him but also liked him, but he didn’t love them because werewolves are lone wolves, and he was particularly a werewolf, but he liked them like brothers.

Silverfang Moonfurs turned to the others as well. She was the main girl werewolf and was in love with Blackfant but she would never admit it because I’m so embaressed and Stacy Vanderman would probably tell everyone at school again even the teachers again. She nodded at Blagfang, who turned away and didn’t look at her and she cried a tear but then was back to normal. She knew what they had to do and.

Tonight, they would hunt the puny humans and feast on their eyes and their blood, but the humans wouldn’t become werewolves too, because they were not worthy of Luna’s sweet ejaculates.

Blackfang growled through his werewolf mouth and through his other mouth said “come on it’s time to hunt.”

The others stood up on the small hill, their fur glistening in the moonlight, their ripped human pants barely covering up their private wolf dongs and pussys. They thirsted for Stacy Vanderman’s blood, who was a vampire.

“NOT FOR LONG STACEY” they yelled and ran down into the village and into the night.

(This is not what the werewolves look like. This is a gay werewolf)

Blankfang ran ahead of the werewolf pack, which is called a wereguild. His powerful wolf hind and front legs propelled him forwards, with
each gallop his veins pumped wolf blood through his dark and cold wolf heart. A heart Silverfang Moonfurs desired so deer (werewolves hunt on deer if there are no puny human meat). Blakcgang Bloodmane halted dead in his tracks, for the smell of dead was in the air. He breathed in deep, making animalistic grunts and groars (growl roar). “Halt my wolven bretheren! Something deathly this way
lurks.” Silverfang’s wolf heart was about to explode, each word from Blackfamg’s jowls made her quiver with primal urges. The rest of the wereguild lay low to the cold dewy grass, which was wet with dew. There was the old and wise Canis Darkside, covered in scars from fighting all manner of beast looked around wisely, the wiry and powerhungry Juda Suss, who had a silver mane that reflected the moon like the moon itself. Then there was the son of Canis Darkside, Saberblood Blackmoon. Almost as new to the wereguild as Moonfurs herself, he was quiet and brooding and always opposing the wereguild. Moonfurs didn’t like his cocky attitude and neatly kept whiskers. Finally was the wereguild mystic simply titled Mensis, she had beads and herbs over her hide and was unusual and sometimes said random things.

“Stacy Vanderman must reside nearby, let us be on our toes (paw claws)” spoke Blackfang Bloodmange, he was their leader and lead he shall do.

* * *

In the tiny village, humming away in sleep, the little girl Ebony slept soundly, soundlessly, beautifully. Her mother watched her, like a hawk. Her mother, Hawk-Ebony, watched and watched, and when she had watched all she could, she turned to her husband, who was in a painting above Ebony’s bed.

“Isn’t she a beautiful sleep?” she whispered loudly, “Isn’t she so beautiful sleep, and ours too, all ours?”

The husband said nothing, because he was a tired man, and deaf as dead turnips. But then, his nostrals pricked, he smelet something pon tghe breezes, something evil and…he couldn’t put his finger on it. Something… (he put his finger on)


“GaTEHR UP THE CHILDREN” Screached Ebony Hawk, wildrly, screaking at her husband to do something. “THIS ISNT WAHT AI WANTED” she screahced.

The windows of the tiny town house blue in and Ebony baby slept while she was showered with glass and also wood. The paiting of the  husband fell down from his palce on the mantle, but all he did was lay there and was a usless pig. Ebony Hawk lept forwardand graped Ebony baby while TEN HUNDRED JETS OF PURE WOLF destroyed their way in theoug h the walls and also windows of the little house.

Ebony Hakw exploded to the side, falling out of the house and down the side of the house, rolling, rollying rollying so fast and had that she thought her shit and her bones would be different things by MORNING. In her cupped hands was her little girl, Ebony Baby, and in her backpack was her husband grabbing on this his hands but his legs weren’t there…they were BACK IN HOUSE.

“We need to go back he said. “we need to go back and get my LEGS we cant go ANYWHERE”

But in this world, EBONY made the rules of the house, and doesn’t do what she doesn’t want to. Husband’s legs would have to wait. He
nodded because he understood these rules.

They fell into a bramble and they lay there and soon they were fast asleep, safe and sound inside a thick brambles home. But Ebony didn’t
sleep. What did werewolfs want? Was she a target of them, the werefolfs? And what did this have to do with her mysterious birthmark/tattoo that she had since she woke up from amnesia with amnesia which said “VAMPYRE” just above her left tits?

And then she slept. Somewhere above her, she saw a black wolf…a black FURRED wolf. And he wasn’t going to sleep just yet (it’s black fang).

The werewolve stared her eye. Ebony Hawk was soi sleepy, the brambles so soft, so soft, but the teeth of the wolvef so sharp. Now was no time to sleep, she had Husband and Baby Ebomy to protect. Black Fage stalked around the bramble, which was kinda a big circle. The sound of his feet compacting the fresh snow. It had snowed. Crunch, crunch, crunch. His strong but well maintained wolf pads came down onto the snow. Crumch crunch crunch. Poor Eb0jy Ebony, what did she do to deserve? This? Suddenly she felt her amnesia coming on, she began to see black, everywhere black. And then… she had an amnesia attack. “Who is BABY?” she cried suddenly being amnesia. “Please please be quiet Ebony!!! There is a werewolf sulking around us!” teared Husband who could barely control his remaining two arms. Ebony Hawk lunged out of the BBramble bush, standing panting in the open. She looked around confused and lost. She looked up at a ridge that had the moon
behind it, the moon was so full and bright loud, but there, silloheited by the moon was all the powerful werewolfs, whos eyes glowed greater than the moon!~ And then she felt a hot sticky breathe on the back of her under head. “Grrrwell well grwewl! Looks likje the rabbit has come to the hawk. But in this case I am Hawk… Ebony RABBIT!” Growled the wild dog wolf. At this, all the moon dogs in the ridge howled at the moon, and a single tear rolled down Silverfang Moonfurs hairy wolf cheek. For tonight she would have blood… tears blood.

Chapter 2

Blackfang was a kid now so I guess this is before what just happened up there. Also he was not a werewolf yet. Blackdang was playing with his Germish friend Gerense in the woods.

“We are too far into the woods BLackfang, If we aren’t back for dinnaer your dads gonna be sooooOOOO pissed.” Blackfang’s friend enunciated

“Hush you!” Gerence’s friend spat back at him quickly before he could cover his face. They were in the woods ‘cos some guy came up to Blakcifag the other day and told him about a brilliant treasure in the woods in a thatch hut.

Suddenly the two frens came up to a clearing with a tatch hut in the middle of the clearing.

“This must have been the hut I am looking for said blackfang” said blackfang.

The hut was all black and there was a blood gargoyle lightly perched on the roof. It smiled and waved.

Terence was so scared that he almost pissed his pants, “I am so scared that I almost pisssed my pants.” HE said to blacnk fang smpecifically.

“Aw heck shutup you.” Blackfang yelled back at him. He ran up and kicked the door and then turned the ornate tin handle emphatically.

Inside the hut the were some underwears hangin from a chain. But wait there was also a severed pair of hips in them!

Glarance vomited his guts up on the hips. Blakcfang was like “man why’d you do that?!”

Almost suddenly from behind them there was a noise  and a black shape loomed over them.

Blackfang woke up with a startle. Some girlwolve was startled, I think her name was silvermoon. Anyway they were in the werewolf castle that they got when they killed all the vampires, all but one.

“That was how I became a werewolf.” Blackfang said, he was talking about the dream.

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” whispered moonfurs heartily. She tried to mouth the words “I love you” to black fangh but she had a wolf muzzle so it was relay hard to understand. Sabreblod wasn’t asleep either. He was up and punching a wall angrily. He was really angry!

“He is angry cos the little girl escaped.” Explained moorfur.

“Don’t worry Little guy, we got her family so she wont be born again.” Comforted blackfanig.

“Thanks for making my feelings better, we werewolves are not so bad after all.” Sighed Sabrebloud.

At that exact moment Canis darkside (Sabreblood’s dad if you forgot, I did) walked in.

“We ARE so bad after all and don’t you forget it!” He grizzled and hit his son like a bad parent.

“What’s the news daddy-o?” Blakc fangs asked Cansi. HE was pretty cool when that happened. Moonsfruit mentally jumped his bones.

“The girl was seen flyin as a bat onto a boat headed for geramny, we’ll probably find her there.” Canis replied.

The hunt was on motherFUCKers!

(Copying from word didn’t work too well. But it still works.)

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