A blog about blogging. You know, one of those ones that you hate.

Well the next topic is about the purpose of blogging in my opinion which is of very little value. Thanks to my lovely sister. Daaaaaang.

Well the main reason I blog is the worst reason. Boredom. I have nothing to do so I fill the Internet with the useless crap that festers in my brain soup. I sit down after a hard day of writing and I want to have a conversation that goes a bit different than “My work sucks. Smoke?” So I talk to myself, via the internet. Then people can overhear with their eye-holes and get together and decide that I am the main psychopath of the land. Actually why I’m doing it is to write down my thoughts so I can look at them later on and decide not to thinks those things again.

In an ideal world this would be a blog about writing techniques and hobbies and the pits I fall in so other people can not fall in them after me. Plus it’s practice. The main thing a writer needs is practice communicating using the written word. You can see what works and what doesn’t so you don’t look like an idiot when you send your work to a publisher and realise it’s useless drivel.

I don’t know why you’re reading my thoughts. Like, seriously, why? They’re not very good thoughts. They’re like those late night television game shows run by people who made a fool of themselves on Big Brother and can’t return to real life because everyone knows that they are a shitty person. I forgot where I was going with this.

The other reason is entertainment I guess. I get a kick out of making myself look like an idiot. Ask anyone I know, if you know them, which you probably do considering the only people who read this blog is a dude I know from high school and my sister, my biggest joke is me. I’m a funny guy, but funny at rather than with. My gravestone will read “Haha, good one guys.”

So that is the purpose of blogging in my opinion, to make my friends laugh at me when I’m not even there. This is why I don’t see a therapist. They don’t think I’m funny, just sick.

First commenter gets to choose a topic for tomorrow.

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