The Wizard

I ain’t been shy about being a wizard. I used to be, used to hide it like a shameful secret. Like accidentally shitting your pants a bit and then desperately doing a load of laundry so the only woman that has sex with you don’t see. But I remember, at one of my many rock bottoms, the good lord spoke to me and said “The world needs a wizard”. And you know what, it do, it desperately do. And after long years in outer space on the mission of the sacred heart I can say with confidence that there wasn’t anything else I could be, because I wouldn’t be here. It sounds crazy but I ain’t been shy about being crazy either. I can do both.

Lordy I can tell you that when the love is gone, when the universe is crumbling, when you got nothin left but pure hope, you’re gonna need a wizard.


How to Come Back

When you have suffered your slow heat death

When all you see in your mind’s eye

Is a degrading kaleidoscope of of colour

When you are far from shore

With no hope of returning

When all your love has gone

A spell

Put your hands together

And explode

Spread yourself far

Fling yourself beyond the edge

Of the universe

Atomise and disintegrate

Become sparse

And now

Find the spark of you

That small white light

The soul and centre

Pour everything into it

All that hurt

From long years of sorrow

The laughs

From every joke you’ve told

Every smile and touch

Backed with true love

Every time


Given up

And come back

Draw from the expanse

And fill it into

A single point of light

Feel the gravity

And light it on fire

Take that fire into your hands

Into your veins

Feel it flow through you body

And return

Look at everything new

Watch yourself from above

See all you’ve done

All the mistakes you’ve made

All of the love that’s held for you

And think

I need to look after this guy

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