Hunting the Ego

The word is out

The beast is loose

The frog is drinking all the rivers

The hungry, hungry for compliments caterpillar has eaten the village

The Harry Potter is hoarding all of the sorcerer’s stones or some shit

Your ego is wild and free


And ruining your social interactions

Your craft and soul

Arm yourself

With the rifle of your self loathing

And the ammunition of your mistakes

Counted one by one

Felt ploughing through the small of your back

Clothe yourself

In the garb of the hunter

The shitty webcomic t-shirt that your wife hates

The worn track pants you got for free

You don’t know where or who from

Go barefoot in the wild

Shod in scars and dirt, feet unwashed before bed

Lie in the scabies of your unwanted arrogance

Find the beast

Great and hairy

Clawed and fanged

Hiding in the wilderness

Preying on the weak

Your insecurities

Your lacks and wants

Harm it and degrade it

Bring it down and down

Into the dust

Chained and torn

And after it lies there

At your mercy

Take it home

Leash it and feed it

Scraps at first, the leftovers from your miseries

Then meals

Bacon and eggs

Club sandwiches

Roast meat, peas and gravy

Shave your beast naked and cold

Wash it

Brush its hair

Cut its claws and blunt its fangs

Tame it

Call it new names, slave names

Self confidence


(I always liked Banjo)

Teach it tricks

Let it do new things

Make it earn its place in your world

And when your beast is new

Beautiful and unrecognisable

Ride it

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