Brick Wall

I had a good idea

At some point

And now I sit here


And with time on my hands

And there is nothing

What I had has slipped and gone

And what I’ve got is empty space

How frustrating

All that time I spent

Fucking around

All I want is this


The only thing that escapes me

I know

That it is in me

But here I am at the brick wall

Without a hammer

If I had a spoon

Maybe I

Could dig, and dig, and dig

And time, and time, and time

Would pass

Till I got through

For all time is

Is long empty hours

Wasted and regretted

By all who had plans

In the first place

A few more words

Another spoonful of stone

And maybe

In time, and time, and time

I could see

If there is

Another side

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