The war isn’t starting


This genocide has been passed down to us through generations


The toll is too heavy to count


The pain to great to comprehend


With guns and disease and batons


With our words and our silence


We each have been complicit



The war is not just coming to us now


We have been fighting all our lives


For the wrong side


Our forefathers came here drunk and shot up paradise


Our forefathers slaughtered and raped and stole



It never stopped


Form after form it took


Our secret war


On those who should have been our kin



We have nothing left to take pride in


And who is there but us to atone?



The fire is at our feet


And we have one choice to make


Do we join the right side


Or do we condemn ourselves


To a hellish world of injustice


To a world of cruelty


Of brutality


Of indifference



The stones are tumbling down the mountain


And now is our chance


To throw the shackles of our pride


To rise higher than those who came before


To find truth and beauty in a cruel place


To find the good in ourselves



Truth and determination are invincible


And the truth is


We can be what the lies told us we were already


Free and just and equal


We can be


What we’ve dreamed and we’ve hoped could be true





And keep marching


No more despair


No more stopping


Until we reach the gates of paradise

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