Bestie of the Beast

You may remember my pal Simon. He is a rad artist and  animator and we are RP buddies together. We share a passion for fantasy and have started up a new website together. It is called Beast Chorus. Basically the idea is we make up some new fantasy monsters or redo some classic ones for use in Pen and Paper role playing games. They are pretty much the most fun to write and Simon’s artwork is amazing. It is one of those things where our creative visions perfectly match and it is beautiful. It is also very different to my normal style and voice so it is refreshing. I have never really wanted to be  a fantasy writer, but now I cannot  see why.

I maybe have to think about  some things. Like embracing the fact that I am a big ol’ nerd. All my nerdy stuff has been pretty secret before this but now it is way out in the open. In one way it is great; I get to  share my passion for sword and sorcery and beasties with the world. But now I will never be Prime Minister.

The Australian public hates nerds to hell, which is stupid because nerds are just like any other group  of people. There are nerds who  get along  fine socially and some that don’t, but their interests are equal. Sports, guns, music and RPG’s are all equal interests. Coolness is in the  eye of  the beholder and such.

I kind of like the purity and innocence of pen and paper roleplaying. Many other interests seem to be a means to an end. The end being sex. Role playing is about forgetting worldly things. You can forget about people judging your music tastes, or your clothes or  your physique. You can be anyone you want. You just sit down with a group of friends and use your imagination. Just brains and dreams, nothing else.

You can beat me up now.

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