Is a writer what you are or what you do? I have asked this to several people and the reply with general support for me. Arseholes. Writing being the lonely journey that it is I guess we all have to answer this for ourselves. I like to think I was born a storyteller. Or at least born with a sense of humour. Or at least I’m funny looking so I get a few laughs.

I would like some company on the alleyway of making myself look like a prat however, so I am inviting you to join me for some funtimes over the next few whenevers. I am going to write a short story a week. This is so I can both be a writer and write stuff instead of just complaining. What I want my reader(s) to do is tell me what to write about. First commenter chooses a subject or theme or objective or style or whatever for my next short story and I will not complain at all. I know there is not a lot of you so I will probs make myself look like an idiot, however if you do happen by my blog and want to help me out drop a comment in there.

Thanks babes.

3 thoughts on “Exorcises

  1. Helen Mirren says:

    You should write some M*A*S*H fanfiction.

  2. Tash says:

    Write a story with yourself as the supporting role rather than the hero. I think your anecdotes are more suited to a support character 🙂

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