Novel Writing

Since this is a writing blog I might actually talk about writing a bit. This week: novels. Writing a novel is like masturbating; don’t stop halfway through or you will get really mad. I got some drunk advice from another writer which I actually used and didn’t file under rambling crap. Write a thousand words a day, every day. Just get it done. You will feel awesome.

So I started doing that. It was hard at first, I was struggling to get the word count. But after about three days it just flowed. I was spurting out words like water out of a cherub statue’s penis. I actually felt like a writer. Then I got myself about ten thousand words and I had written myself into a hole. I bit off more than I could chew with the storyline. I haven’t written in three weeks now and I feel terrible. Sleeping too late and doing nothing during the day. I’ve been really lazy just updating this. If you get to this point then I have some advice. Backtrack.

Keep deleting words until you get to a point you can write from. I know it might hurt, nobody wants to see there hard work go to waste. Just do it, writing is hard, you just have to get used to killing little bits of your imagination. Once you get back to a good point just soldier on. Write everyday if you can. If you are going to take a break make it one day max. If you are too busy at least try and knock down some words on a piece of paper on the train or before you go to bed. You have to keep the story going or you will end up like me.

2 thoughts on “Novel Writing

  1. It starts with 'Donald' and rhymes with 'Donald' says:

    Ahh. I’d wondered what happened to the ‘blog.

    Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of writers say things like this.
    Part of what turned me off the idea, really.

  2. skydekkerix says:

    Blog and novel should be back on track next week

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