If you are a dude, being mugged is a terrible ordeal. Every male thinks, deep down in his heart, that if they were ever in a threatening situation like that they would rise to the occasion and generally beat down. I was one of those guys.

I live in Ipswich. It’s pretty much the ghetto of Queensland. It’s dangerous here. Not having cigarettes to hand out to any guy in a backwards cap and track pants can get you stabbed. I live next to the train station. Literally ten metres away. I was mugged on my walk  home.

I got off the train, putting my earphones back into my already bulging pockets. I had my head down, staring at the ground so I wouldn’t fall over. A bunch of the biggest teenagers I had ever seen approached me and asked for money. I am poor, always have been and always will be. I said that I couldn’t give them my money because I needed it. They started to get angry. Cussing up a storm. One of them mentioned a knife. Thinking back on it I probably wasn’t in very much danger. I am a decent sized dude, I have done martial arts. These were a bunch of loud kids. I gave them what little money I had.

I walked off, feeling a sense of shame so strong I was nearly catatonic. I heard footsteps behind me. I balled my fists, this time I would be ready. I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around with the meanest look I could muster on my face. It was a pretty young girl, she couldn’t have been older than fifteen. She handed me my money back. She apologised for her friends. She walked away. This was the fucking worst.

All men are in their nature cowards. We are warriors in our mind and our mind only. Well at least I like to think so.


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