Give Hope You Bastard

Hey there it me you’re number 1 (45 actual) guy for some premium lord of the rings shit right up in your sad hole. Oh baby I been blue and oh baby I been blue before now and then some. And damn but looks like I made myself a career about talkin myself outta this shit, and I’m guessin youse all been feelin it too (as well, been a while and I can’t remember if I use the double o one).


Lordy you know it’s sad poetry time.




Ah fuck it’s pointless


Give me some hope or strike me dead


I’m thirsting for it


My heart is aching


My stomach is twisted into a knot


Cut me loose


Burn my nerves off with a lighter


Knock me cold with booze and blunt objects


Fuck bein dry or smart I’m hurting


And I don’t know what to do



The thing about


Being lost and alone


Is that it’s just you


And it’s hard


To have what you can’t give


Make a life outta giving hope


Needed or not


Seen or heard


And what’s left


When it’s just you who is empty



And I know


It would be worse


If it all was just chemicals


And drugs and money and freedom


Was the answer


It would drive me nuts


And I’d never be happy again


Sated and not lost


Because there was never a place


To be found



But hey there


Where is that voice


That keeps you going


Warm and kind and slow


And ever at the last minute



Where is that voice


That says it’s bad


Lord knows its bad


But there is the end of it




Maybe not soon


But ahead



Where are those flashes


Of smiles and drinks and firelight


Where is that sinking sensation of peace


The spiteful humour of resolve


The coughing laughter of a drowning man




I need it now


While this poem is bad


And going nowhere


While I’m failing and stabbing myself



I remember


Getting addicted to a song


Entirely sad and hopeless


Because I felt, stronger than I ever had



This is my fight


To push back


Against despair so strong


And thick in the air



It feels right


To throw myself


At this cause


Though it hurts me



Because enough pain


And it becomes a task



And there is my hope


To make this end of myself



A long and bitter campaign against despair


To grow old a warrior



And maybe all you can do


With your despair



Is to throw it back


At the wall in front of you



Then here it is



A cry to the light at the end of the tunnel



Grasp me



Hold me



Pull me close



And far away from this sad fate



From a wretched end of failed hope



And let me grasp



Any I can



And take them with me

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